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4-Pack Party Pineapple

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Sun-Dried Pineapple

Wild with flavor, you’ll throw a party when you try our sweet pineapple dried fruit snack (A.K.A. crowd-pleaser, the show stopper, the ultimate hype fruit). Hand-picked and high in antioxidants without preservatives or added sugar, our pineapple is a bold take on what a dried fruit is supposed to be.

Transforming Waste Into Opportunity

We know that delicious fruits deserve to be eaten and not wasted, but in rural communities across the world there hasn’t been that choice – until now. Discover where our fruits come from and how they earn their name.

The Jali Way

Empowering Women

Farmer. Professional. Entrepreneur. Women in Jali cooperatives around the world, take their futures into their own hands and make up to 7x the living wages. The money they earn is kept in their own bank accounts as they establish credit and learn transferable skills.

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