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The story behind our fruit.

Women farmers across the world are more than just a statistic. They each have a story to tell — and we’re setting out to tell them.

Each year, 2.8 trillion pounds of food is wasted and, in Sub-Saharan Africa 95% of all food waste happens before it ever reaches a market.

That’s where we come in: we provide simple machines that work without electricity and train women cooperatives to use them to preserve their ancestral fruit abundances.


In much of West Africa, the Jali is a musical storyteller with teachings passed on through memory, regaling a village in the history of an elder or the lessons of past generations. We believe that the story of the women behind each bag of fruit deserves to be told, without shortcuts, and that the Jali represents that spirit.

The more you eat,

The more impact you make

Empowering Women

We participate in over 40 cooperatives in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean to dry the fruit. But our goals are more than just drying fruit.

Direct Trade

Jali Fruit Co. sells high-quality, premium products from around the world through directly trading with smallholder farmers. By working directly with farmers, we cut out the middleman and make sure every batch of dried fruit is ethically-sourced with quality top of mind.

Financial Success

The average local daily wage in most of our cooperatives is $2/day. We ensure our farmers make $15/day that goes directly to their own bank accounts, allowing them economic freedom to improve their overall livelihood. We help all our farmers not only create bank accounts, but also establish a credit history.

Skills Training

We partner with nonprofits and local governments to provide additional training to the cooperative members in farming and agriculture. Learning food-safe manufacturing, market practices and financial literacy builds transferable skills for future employment.

Making a Global Impact

Up to 7x higher daily wage than the average local farmer

6,789 livelihoods created

67% of our smallholder farmers are women

Over 1,000 hours of training

108,000 lbs of waste diverted

Up to 50,000 MCF annual methane emission savings

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