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Sanyuka VEC

San • yu • ka VEC

Sanyuka VEC is located in Bwaziba village, Luwero district in central Uganda. This is a youth group consisting of 30 members, with 80% being women.The dominant tribe known as Baganda. The climate favors growing crops such as mangoes, pineapples, jackfruit, cassava and bananas. During the peak season, the fruits are in abundance and dehydrating them helps to manage food loss. All the members are very hardworking and are committed to excelling.

For many years, the group has been farming amidst fears of market accessibility due to lack of reliable market and high perishability of their fruits. The group is super excited for the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) which has supported them with 10 dehydrators and is supporting them to cater operation costs!

The group is managed and led by women. Some of the group members are teachers, housewives, bodaboda operators and farmers. The group members are very excited to sell their products to the US market, as they see this as an excellent opportunity to make extra income. Their dream is to eradicate extreme poverty through purchasing more dehydrators to maximize production.


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