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Welcome to Miyonga Fresh Greens. Since 2015 Miyonga has been a family-owned cooperative, which now includes more small-holder farmers who grow and dry many fruits and vegetables, including pineapple. 

Started by a woman named Yvonne Otieno, she was motivated by the idea that, “there is dignity in working rather than receiving money."

Pineapples thrive in the warmer tropics situated in Eastern Kenya: Machakos, Meru and Embu: and the Coastal region: Kilifi. A favourite fruit among many locals, pineapples require minimal annual rainfall of about 30 inches and well-drained sandy soils. Did you know that it takes a pineapple 18-22 months to bear fruit? That’s a long time.

Drying the fruit helps preserve the pineapples long after harvest, allowing the surplus and rejected fruit to be used to help generate income for the women farmers. Previously, farmers threw away or sold the fruit at throwaway prices leading to significant income loss.

Through this, farmers who are elderly can now earn sufficient income to live a decent life, afford quality healthcare and educate their children.



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