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M • bee • oo • nee

The Mbiuni Cooperative was the first in the flat region southeast of Nairobi, Kenya to introduce mango trees and farm the fruit. In addition to mangoes, the women of Mbiuni also pioneered the planting and harvesting of citrus fruits. Each married woman uses a kiondo, a special ceremonial basket given on their wedding day, to gather fruits from over 50 trees per person. These baskets serve as a reminder that the work they do is also for their families and nation as a whole.

Nicknamed Ngenda, the Mbiuni Cooperative lives out both meanings of the word—to excel at something and to invite others to join in good work. Each year, every woman plants at least one new mango tree to ensure the long-term sustainability of the cooperative. They own the mango trees themselves and have full control of the sales of their produce, joining together to sell collectively to increase their bargaining power.


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