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Luwero Fruits of the Nile

Loo • where • oh

Should you like to visit Luwero Fruits of the Nile cooperative you will find it situated in the Eastern part of Uganda, Buikwe district, Buikwe Constituency, Njeru Town Council, Njeru Eastward Parish and Bukaya village.

True to its name, the Luwero Fruits of the Nile Cooperative is situated along the river Nile basin (the longest river in the world). The weather here is warm, muggy and overcast making a great climate for growing fruits like mangoes, pineapples, jack fruit, apple banana, banana and papaya — and they harvest a very unique fruit here called a gooseberry.

The Luwero Fruits of the Nile Cooperative is made up of over 178 women and 21 men, including young mothers’ and child-headed families. Besides drying the above fruits, half of the total production from the farm still goes to waste during the peak season and bad weather. 

The culture here is typical of Bantu and the staple food here is sweet potatoes and millet however, due to intermarriages with Baganda, Matooke has been part of the food served with Tilapia fished from the Nile.


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