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Kwilea Women

Quill • eh • ah

Welcome to Kitui County, a flat region in Kenya dominated by the sweetest mangoes you may ever eat! Many of the women here don’t own property themselves but are part of a family who does. Mangoes grow plentiful in this region, and most properties contain groves of mango trees, making it the main cash crop in the county. 

Why are mangoes in Kitui so sweet? Both traditional and exotic tree varieties exist, and both of them love the warm temperatures that help enhance sugar formation when the fruit grows.

The mangoes here are harvested from December to March and you’ll be able to spot a ripe mango on the trees simply by looking for a spot of bright yellow. Sadly, almost 50% of the mango crops have gone to waste here every single year, that is until now.

The women of Kwilea play a critical role in the community as well in harvesting and drying all the mangoes. For them, it is a way to help take care of their family’s basic needs and help achieve goals not just for themselves, but for their families as well.

With big smiles on their faces, they are excited to share their mangoes with you and want you to know that ”the more you buy the more you empower us, so keep buying our mangoes!” 



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