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Kilifi Producers

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Leave your winter coat at home. Kilifi is one of the coastal counties in Kenya. Here you’ll bask in the sun and occasionally experience lots of rain during the rainy season in July and August. The coast is blessed with a rich culture and vast fertile land offering economic resources through farming, fishing and of course tourism.

With its beautiful white-sand beaches, diverse people and good climate Kilifi is home to almost all of the 47 tribes found in Kenya. The Giriama tribe forming the majority. Here you will find tropical fruits taste extra sweet, especially coconut, pineapple and mangoes. And Kilifi is home to some of the most beautiful groves of cashew trees in Kenya.

Many of the women have cashew trees on their land and sell them in the local market. But have never been able to make money from the cashew fruit (or “mabibo” as the locals call it). They are excited for the opportunity to upcycle what normally would have gone to waste.

The women in Kilifi including those in the Kilifi Processors Cooperative pride themselves not just in farming, but in cooking as well. Using the sweet copra of coconut they will make you an old Swahili dish called mweupe (coconut rice that will only leave you wanting more).


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