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Reuse Your Jali Bag This Earth Day

With Earth Day celebrations upon us, we wanted to provide a few friendly ways you can recycle your Jali bags.
April 22, 2021
Reuse your Jali bag this Earth Day (and every day of course)

Jali Fruit Co. is a sustainable brand that gives back by empowering women, upcycling food loss and reducing methane emissions. With Earth Day celebrations upon us, we wanted to provide a few friendly ways you can recycle your Jali bags.

Get a little help in the kitchen


Wondering where to put that leftover food? 

Have you run out of fridge storage containers? Grab a Jali bag. They’re small and resealable, making them super easy to use in the kitchen. Simply wash the bag a bit and reuse it to store whatever food you’d like. With the easy-close zipper, you’re guaranteed freshness and no spilling.

Taking a road trip this summer?
Try filling your Jali bag up with water and freezing it. It makes the perfect icepack for any cooler. Not to mention, for those scraped knees and mosquito bites, it’s a fast icepack the kids will love!

Did someone say ice cream?
They’re also great to make baggie ice cream. A fun way to pass the time, and be refreshed this summer, check out the recipe from Food here. Don’t forget, dried fruit makes a great ice cream topping!


DIY Coasters
Jali bags are made of a water-resistant material, making them the perfect coaster to use on any table in your house. Simply empty the Jali bag and clean the inside. Cut the bag into two pieces or more depending on your preferred thickness (any shape you prefer). Press or iron to glue both sides of the bag together. And there, you have a coaster. Have a lot of Jali bags? Cut them into strips, roll them into similar shapes and glue them to make a lampshade!

Fun craft projects for the kids
Instead of rushing to throw away your Jali snack bags into the trash, teach your kids how to reuse the fun, colorful bags into some fun summer craft projects. Get creative, make bracelets, purses, pencil pouches, even hand-sanitizer holders. There are plenty of DIY patterns available on Pinterest!

Remember, next time you finish your bag of Jali — have fun reusing the bag! And of course, don’t forget to order some more!

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