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8 Jali Pictures to Make You Smile

June 25, 2020

Around here (and by here we mean Jali Fruit Co. of course) we believe that our healthy sun-dried fruit snacks make your tastebuds AND your heart happy! Spreading joy is our mission — so enjoy these eight shareable pictures to make you smile -- share them with a friend who needs a boost, too!

1. Did you know baby pineapples are second only to baby penguins in cuteness?

Baby pineapple in field

2. Okay, baby boars might be up there in cuteness, too.

Baby wild boars running on African safari

3. But then you have Norah, the pineapple monster.

Toddler girl smiling and holding bag of dried pineapple

4. She’s always rolling into the pantry for more fruit...

5. Selfies and recess are definitely universal. These Ugandan school children just wanted to take some selfies during their recess break!

East African school children smiling for the camera

6. “Hey, look at me!”

East African school children pointing at the camera

7. Our CEO & Founder, Josh and Community Development Officer, Francis are trying to learn a traditional Acholi dance with the Women of Broadway Cooperative in Padibe, Uganda!

Agricycle Global CEO Josh Shefner learning a dance from women cooperative members

8. Meet our COO, Jacob and our Community Development Officer, Daisy! Their mango smiles put a smile on our faces, too!

Woman and man eat fresh mango

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