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Jali Fruit Co. by the Numbers | Impact Update

October 8, 2020

Preparing for the Future

Seasons are changing: leaves are falling in the Midwest and mangoes are ripening in East Africa. Around the world, women-led cooperatives are preparing for the upcoming season, working with Community Development Officers to ensure Good Agricultural Practices, save resources to purchase dehydrators and dry fruit to gain additional income so that your favorite Jali fruit is fresh and ready to eat! 

Healthy and Safe

With a global pandemic, it is important everyone is healthy and safe when working and connecting. Working with smallholder farmers in rural regions, our local teams meet in small groups and communicate through SMS as much as possible.

Knowing the coronavirus has upended livelihoods and halted supply networks, we are excited to continue working safely with farmers to provide ongoing income streams, relationship building and asset building for healthy, strong communities. Since communities have been able to experience movement again, we have added 578 cooperative members to our network and added new positions of leadership to ensure women are at the table for decision making.

Jali Fruit Co. impact update by the numbers

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