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How to Dry Fruit: The Jali 5 Step Process

June 10, 2020

Jali Fruit Co. hand-crafts sun-dried fruit made without any preservatives or added sugars. The fruit is naturally full of vitamins and antioxidants. The only ingredient in each bag is the fruit itself! So, what is the “secret” process behind the Jali Fruit? Here are our 5 simple steps for how to dry fruit behind each bag of dried fruit.

Wild Harvest

There are more than 11,000 rural farmers who are part of the Jali Fruit Co. network. They handpick natural fruits from ancestral trees growing on small family farms.

Clean and Prep

Each cooperative inspects, washes, peels, slices and places each piece of fruit on large trays for drying. The trays are part of a simple passive solar dehydrator that we designed to work without electricity.

Sun Dry

The sun works its magic! Hot air pulls moisture out of the fruits during this sustainable, passive solar-drying process. This retains more of the fruit’s natural nutrients, which means additives are not necessary to keep the fruit fresh.


We hand-pack the dried fruit in pouches and add our “Find My Farm” label so you can trace where your package of fruit came from and learn about the women behind them.


Happy taste buds. Happy hearts. We guarantee you’ll feel Jali after one bite knowing that each woman in a Jali Fruit Co. cooperative is paid seven times the average daily local wage and empowered with on-the-job skills training like food safety and financial literacy.

It’s really that simple! Dried pineapple. Dried mango. Dried jackfruit. One ingredient. One mission.

The more you eat,

the more impact you make.

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