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Can Dogs Eat Dried Fruit?

August 21, 2020

If you’re a dog owner, you’re well aware of your dogs’ keen ability to scavenge for human food when they think you aren’t looking. And let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to resist the urge to sneak bits of food to them for good behavior. While certain foods can be harmful or even toxic, dogs can safely ingest some human foods – believe it or not – in moderation. 


Which types of food are we suggesting? We’re talking about dried fruit, of course! Can dogs eat dried fruit? Mango? Pineapple? Jackfruit? 


Let’s find out. 


Types of Dried Fruit Dogs Can Eat


While it might feel unconventional or bizarre, dried fruit is a quick source of vitamins, fiber, and minerals for your dog – just as it is for humans! If you’re wanting to reward your precious pet with a healthy treat, dried fruit has our vote.


Can Dogs Eat Dried Mango?

Healthy dried mango pieces clumped together on a white background

Back to specifics. So, can dogs eat dried mango or not? The answer is YES. Dried mangoes are not only safe, non-toxic choices for your dog, but they also contain all-natural sugars which will give your pet an energy boost – perfect for playtime! The all-natural sugars part is important. Jali sun-dried fruit does not contain any added sugars, but many other brands do so make sure to check the nutrition label to know you’re feeding your pup the very best dried fruit. 


This might be obvious, but just be sure to only feed your dog fleshy, soft dried mango bits, avoiding the peel and pit. If you have dried mango on hand, chances are you won’t even have to worry about this step. But it’s worth knowing pits and seeds of fruits are choking hazards for pets. 


Just because your lovable canine can eat dried mango doesn’t mean you should go overboard. Consuming too much can lead to vomiting or diarrhea (and you don’t want this for your pup nor yourself, as you’ll be on clean-up duty). So, we suggest sticking to a few dried mango pieces about once or twice a week. 


Next Up: Can Dogs Eat Dried Pineapple?

Healthy dried pineapple pieces spread out on a white background

Okay, now that you’re in the clear with dried mango, you might be asking yourself about our other dried fruits such as pineapple. Can dogs eat dried pineapple? Wait for it… again, the answer is YES! That being said, as with mango, only feed your pet dried pineapple if it’s 100% natural, meaning no additives or ingredients you don’t recognize. Just stick with Jali fruit and you know you’ve always got a great single ingredient treat.


Again, feed your dog dried pineapple in moderation. If you’re introducing dried pineapple to them for the first time, be sure to give regular checks and look to see if your dog has developed diarrhea or any kind of sickness. If this is the case, dried pineapple may not agree with your dog. Just because it’s safe for most dogs to eat, doesn’t mean that it’s a perfect match for your sweet pup!


Last but not Least: What About Dried Jackfruit?

Healthy dried jackfruit pieces clumped together on a white background

Surprise, your dog can eat dried jackfruit, too! Look at all these new, healthy treats you get to incorporate into your dog’s diet every now and then. We can’t stress this enough, but be sure to only give your dog dried fruit without additives. For jackfruit, this goes for spices as well. Some spices could upset their stomachs, so just be mindful of this when reading the nutritional information. 


Since healthy dried jackfruit is just made up of natural sugar, fiber, and water, most dogs can safely consume this treat. Also, most dogs will be more likely to eat dried jackfruit rather than the fresh fruit (as dried fruit is a fun texture for dogs to chew on). 


Where Should You Buy Dried Fruit for Your Dog?


Again, several dried fruit brands tend to sneak in extra sugar and additives that go against everything we’ve mentioned above. So, how can you ensure you’re really getting completely natural dried fruit? Simply check the ingredients! 


Choose Jali Fruit Co. 


Here at Jali Fruit Co., we are upfront and transparent about what’s in our dried fruit. Luckily for us, it takes about two seconds to disclose what’s in our products because our dried fruit contains one ingredient: the FRUIT ITSELF! If you ever find yourself asking, “can dogs eat dried mango?” or “can dogs eat dried pineapple?” again, the answer is only yes if you feed them 100% natural dried fruit.


Do your furry friend a favor by checking out our delicious, dog- and human-friendly treats! Warning: it’ll be hard to share with them after you’ve tasted the sun-dried snack, so you may want two separate bags. ;)


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