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Breaking Down the Calories in Dried Fruit

August 3, 2020

Dried fruit: healthy or unhealthy? 

It’s an age-old debate, one that we want to shed some light on. Dried fruit is a quick, grab-and-go snack that provides several benefits, similar to its counterpart (regular fruit). But it’s time we break down the caloric content and some nutritional information to help healthy snackers, like you, understand what you’re really eating. 

Some dried fruit will vary in calories, but here, we want to specifically delve into dried pineapple calories, dried mango calories, and of course, dried jackfruit calories – just to name a few of our favorites! Let’s get into it.

A Closer Look at the Calories in Dried Fruit

We want to make a note that dried fruit will typically contain more calories than their fresh counterparts, making the snack a solid choice for healthy weight gain or a satisfying, filling option that won’t leave you hungry seconds after you’ve eaten. Plus, studies argue that dried fruit generally packs in three to five times more micronutrients than fresh fruit. It’s a win-win all around. 

Amount of Dried Pineapple Calories Per Serving

The back of a dried fruit package showcasing dried pineapple calories and nutritional facts

Typically, ⅓ of a cup makes a decent-sized serving when it comes to dried fruit. So, going off that measurement, you’ll get about 120 calories from Jali dried pineapple. With that, we found ⅓ cup of dried pineapple also generally includes:

- 0g Total Fat
- 0mg Cholesterol
- 0mg Sodium
- 30g Total Carbohydrates
- 2g Dietary Fiber
- 22g Total Sugars – No Added Sugars
- 1g Protein 

If you choose Jali Fruit Co., a dried fruit brand that’s rich in antioxidants without preservatives or added sugar, dried pineapple packs a healthy punch that will curb your cravings and your sweet tooth. 

How Many Calories in Dried Mango Slices?

Mango-Rama nutritional information | Jali Fruit Co.

Again, we’re going to look at dried mango calories in terms of ⅓ of a cup (similar to how many dried mango calories 100g has to offer if you want to measure it that way). A little higher than pineapple, Jali dried mangoes come in at 140 calories per serving. So, if you’re looking for an even more filling snack, mango is the way to go. Plus, you’re upping your Vitamin A & C game! Of course, this only goes for unsweetened mango – we’re not into added sugar or preservatives. 

Additional nutritional information:

- 0g Total Fat
- 0mg Cholesterol
- 0mg Sodium
- 34g Total Carbohydrates
- 2g Dietary Fiber
- 24g Total Sugars – No Added Sugars
- 1g Protein 

Lastly, What About Dried Jackfruit Calories?

The back of a dried fruit package showcasing dried jackfruit calories and nutritional facts

And last but not least, a fruit you may or may not be familiar with. Never had dried jackfruit? You’re missing out! Dried jackfruit is one of our absolute favorites. Bold in flavor, this nutty and sweet snack will take you straight to the tropics. 

Back to business. Let’s take a look at Jali dried jackfruit calories. For a ⅓ cup of this goodness, you’re looking at 100 calories – perfect if you’re leaning on the calorie-conscious side! While fewer in calories than the other dried fruits, dried jackfruit still packs a flavorful punch leaving you satisfied.

You know what’s next. Here’s what else you’ll find after looking at the dried jackfruit calories: 

- 0g Total Fat
- 0mg Cholesterol
- 0mg Sodium
- 26g Total Carbohydrates
- 7g Dietary Fiber
- 17g Total Sugars – No Added Sugars
- 2g Protein

If you notice, a serving of dried jackfruit comes with fewer carbs and less sugar, but slightly more protein. In our book, no dried fruit is better than another (how could we ever choose a favorite? That’s like choosing a favorite child...), but this may be helpful for you to know in choosing your snack based on your dietary needs. 

Full Transparency at Jali Fruit Co.

Here at Jali Fruit Co., we promise you complete transparency about what’s in our products – this includes the correct amount of calories per serving! While we mentioned the calories in dried fruit will be slightly higher than fresh fruit, we want to emphasize that this is not a bad thing, especially when looking at the supporting nutritional information. Because our snacks are preservative- and sugar-free, you can feel confident in the healthy calories you’re putting into your body (because let’s be honest, no one wants to waste their calories on junk food). 

And if you’re having one of those days where ⅓ of a cup just isn’t cutting it, we’re proud to share that each container of our dried fruit ranges from only 250 - 350 calories, meaning you can eat the entire bag for lunch one day if you’re really feeling it! No harm, no foul. 

Let us know which dried fruit you end up trying! Even better if it’s all three! :)

Give Jali dried pineapple, mango, or jackfruit a try today!

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