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Brands With Impact We Love for Your Holiday Shopping List

December 2, 2020

As we approach the upcoming holiday season, we are gifted with a time to reflect on the previous year and look forward to the next one starting anew. Let’s put extra focus on the latter :) In doing so, let’s take some time to reflect on how we can do our part to spread joy to those we care and interact with and ideally even those we don’t. Some of the most meaningful ways to do so are through thoughtful giving. When that giving can be tied to a global impact, it becomes all the more powerful. 

This holiday season, at Jali Fruit Co. we want to share brands we love that are committed to making the world a better place. These brands empower vulnerable populations, positively impact the environment, and create life-changing opportunities. By supporting them, you can spread the cheer of giving in the most meaningful way by sending thoughtful gifts to loved ones and positive impact to individuals from all walks of life.

To start us off…

Alaffia sustainable holiday gifts

Alaffia - “Beauty. Equality. Empowerment”

One of the best sustainable gifts in personal hygiene and wellness comes from a brand that is a champion of gender equality, fair trade and delivering premium products with premium impact. Led by Olowo-n’djo Tchala, Alaffia honors ancient African tradition and ingredients with progressive activism and gender equality.

They do so through soaps, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers and deodorants made from natural ingredients like coconut, shea and more. Leaving no age or gender behind they have products for babies, kids and adults alike. This award winning brand is a great choice this holiday season to tell a much needed feel good story of people dedicating their lives to helping others. 

Before you rush off to their website, one last product that is too good to not mention: lemon lavender bubble bath! What better way to leave 2020 behind than to melt into the bubbly suds of aromatic nostalgia.

Shop with impact at

 Ornaments 4 Orphans sustainable holiday shopping

Ornaments for Orphans - “Dedicated to providing critical support for orphans and vulnerable children in Africa”

If you are looking to make the most socially conscious and beautifully decorated tree in the neighborhood, look no further than Ornaments for Orphans. By purchasing locally sourced and crafted ornaments, you help create jobs and empower artisans across Peru, Nepal, Kenya and Uganda and bring fair trade wages to their families and in turn, educational opportunities and improved living conditions to prevent vulnerable children from entering orphanages.

Take your pick of beaded ornamental designs of all colors, embroidered wool ornaments, or tap into nature’s resources with their banana fiber and sisal angel ornament sets. These eco friendly gift ideas are great for sustainability lovers around the world!

Shop with impact at

 Five North Chocolate sustainable holiday shopping

Five North Chocolate - “Part of a global movement that is humbly much larger than any single brand”

In celebration of the diversity this world is composed of, Five North Chocolate is a great holiday option for those wanting socially responsible products. They are the first company ever to feature the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce Seal on packaged goods! All products are fair trade and plant based.

Try Sea Salt and Pistachio or Cinnamon Almond dark chocolate cubes and you literally cannot help but indulge in holiday cheer. Committed to inclusion, these delicious and clean products are the perfect snack for chocolate lovers and equality lovers alike!

Shop with impact at

 People for Urban Progress sustainable holiday shopping

People for Urban Progress - “Used does not equal unusable”

Building on the tune of inclusivity, This company stops at nothing when it comes to innovation from all backgrounds. You think that bag you own has a cool story behind it? Try telling people its replacement was repurposed from Amtrak seats!

The origin of this cutting edge company dates back to the demolition of Indianapolis Colts’ stadium in 2008. Instead of seeing the roof remnants filling a landfill as bygone waste, these founders saw an opportunity. 13 acres of upcycled roofing later, People for Urban Progress created one of a kind wallets, bags and clutches. Also created that day was the birth of a civic engagement movement that today still crafts every item by hand delivering climate smart products with a fascinating story. 

Give the environmentally friendly gift of innovation and inclusion to yourself or loved ones by supporting PUP and sporting amtrak on your back :) Head on over to People for Urban Progress’ website to check out how cool these bags and accessories are for yourself!

Shop with impact at

 RoHo sustainable holiday shopping

Roho “Empowering Artisans with Dignified Work”

“Roho” means spirit and kindness in Swahili and that is exactly what you are supporting by purchasing from this company - spirit and kindness to hundreds of empowered artisans across Kenya. From artisanally crafted jewelry and masks, to bags and sandals, shop ethically this holiday season through Roho’s sustainable gifts empowering women in Kenya and bringing fair wages to the artisans and their families. 

Rohoa has employed 400 artisans, increased wages 50% above industry average and sent 16 students and counting to seek education. Help Roho build off of this already impressive impact by finding those fresh holiday fits to roll into 2021 without looking back (unless it’s to respond to your newfound fan club chasing after you asking where you got those seashell sandals or amani coin purse).

Shop with impact at

 Savhera sustainable holiday shopping

Savhera "Live well, do good."

Savhera is disrupting the aromatherapy industry by turning the sales of 100% pure, organic essential oils into jobs for survivors of sex trafficking.  With Savhera, you support your own holistic wellness while also giving holistic wellness to women who desperately need and deserve it!

We're big fans of their "Joy" gift set that includes Secret Zest & Tracy’s Grace in pre-diluted and travel friendly bottles. Savhera's beautiful diffusing jewelry also make the perfect gift to share tranquility with your loved ones.

Shop with impact at

 Aruna Project sustainable holiday shopping

Aruna - “We envision a day when every young woman is free to choose her own adventure”

For the last brand we love, we want to highlight one of the most impactful athleisure companies in the world. We all know we are going to crush our New Year’s resolution goals by religiously populating the gym (or living room) during the first two weeks of January. During that time, let’s look and feel good like never before with irresistible functional attire and bags. There is no better way to feel good than supporting a cause that is delivering life changing impact.

Aruna grants freedom to those facing sexual exploitation through sustainable employment and optimal working conditions and pay. Behind each premium workout bag and accessory is a life saved and empowered, do your part and be part of the movement.

Shop with impact at

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