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Jali Fruit Co.'s 10 Fun Reasons to Smile

August 21, 2020

With the current situation of the world on top of stress and work we often forget we have many reasons to smile. Here’s a list of some of our current favorites.

1. Quokka’s smile when they’re hot and it's adorable.

(image credit All Thats Interesting)

2. According to some studies, Trees can actually talk to each other. We'd love to listen in on those conversations!

Group sitting under a mango tree grove.

3. The first “Yo Mama joke” is almost 3,500 years old, and was found in a Babylonian tablet in Iraq.

(image credit JPost)

4. Vikings used to give kittens as wedding presents. This is a trend that definitely needs to make a comeback!

Kitten sitting by a window.

5. Goats have accents. Good luck Google-ing "goat accents" for the next couple of hours!

Baby goat in a barn.

6. Believing you’re lucky makes you luckier.

Lucky four-leaf clover in a field of clover.

7. Smiling is innate, blind people smile even though they have never seen someone do it.

Two young blind boys laughing and smiling.

8. Baby Chimps often pretend that sticks are dolls and treat them like babies.

Baby chimpanzee sitting with adult chimpanzee.

9. Smiling lowers your heart rate and reduces stress. Just think of all the good you're doing by supporting Jali Fruit Co. and that's sure to bring a smile!

Two smiling African women holding pineapples.

10. You were born and the chances of that happening are one in a million.

Young African-American boy.

What are some of YOUR favorite reasons to smile?

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